I’m leaving…It’s been real!

Hey Justakgc readers!

I’m writing this post to say goodbye.
Justakgc is one of my favourite things I’ve ever participated in. I (Gamu) remember starting this blog with Anna back in 2015. We spoke about it as an idea on the phone and we made it happen! I remember how we were in the library writing potential blog names on the whiteboard and Justakgc was birthed. Justakgc is so special to me and I am and will always be so passionate about this blog. When I began posing on this page, I had little confidence in my writing skills. (I would always email Anna to proofread everything lol) and the more I began to post, the more my writing improved and it’s been great to witness my own progression since the time I started blogging. This blog has been more than a hobby, through this platform I’ve been able to express myself and every post has been related to something I was going through, as much as I was encouraging others I was also encouraging myself. When I started this page I was broken and empty inside. I had lost hope in myself and my life, and I know God used this blog to mend my broken heart, writing really does heal wounds. I’ve learnt to “be my own cheerleader” and to move “ownwards and upwards” (my first posts) and I’ve had to become “open minded” and question my intentions in different areas of my life, “why did I want it and what did it do for me when I got it?” And so on.
Especially, when I was university this blog was my best friend. It was an outlet that helped me gain confidence whilst I was going through difficulties and changes.
I know that the posts we’ve written in the past will continue to touch lives in a positive way.
I know Justakgc has been part of my purpose and I love that I was able to impact the different people who have viewed this page.
I’m grateful for Anna, my fellow Justakgc partner. Having a like-minded friend striving for self-love and self-improvement is the reason we were able to share this blog and her posts have benefited me!! …So yeah guys. It’s been so so so real!!!
But with anything in life there’s a time to move on. And it’s my time to move on from posting on here as I keep discovering new layers of my purpose.

Thank you so much for reading beautiful people!!

Love from Gamu ❤

I’m leaving…It’s been real!

Entreprenuership update #01

Hey Darlings,

I wanted to update you on my entrepreneurship journey, since we are in this together!

It’s still very early days so I haven’t got major updates. It’s mainly been mixture of baby steps into taking action and still much personal development. I’ve began planning my first ever event and through this I’m learning the do’s and don’ts first-hand. I’ve chucked myself into the deep end and pretty much woke up one day and I got started, I haven’t done any research into event planning, because I like to do things my way and I feel that I want to execute everything naturally not following a step by step guide of someone else’s how to. I’ve built up lots of self-belief (this did not happen over night) and as a result I’m just eager to do my thing! The behind the scenes has been exciting so far things such as going to view the venue, doing market search (surveying) and advertising! I’ve learnt some things that I feel like I couldn’t learn without taking action, if that makes sense. There’s certain things you can really only learn through having an experience of doing something. But, I quickly realised that to have the most fun out of being an entrepreneur I need to wing it. I’m not saying to not be organised and prepared but, I mean just go with YOUR flow, which you will learn as you go along. If we try to do everything perfectly and how we’ve seen sally and harry do it, we then begin to box entrepreneurship and make it rigid. Entrepreneur is simply a title and each person who carries it is never the same.  I am an entrepreneur and so are you but we are still unique, individuals and carry different visions which will manifest differently. I think viewing things this way will help us to remain original and stay fresh with it. Plus, I’ve learnt it’s not all that glamorous. It’s sounds nice the big E word. But, become okay with the fact that there’s much work that takes place behind the scenes that people don’t and won’t see, they might only see the highlights, which will come every so often.

Book: The principles and power of vision – An inspirational book about vision from the late Dr Myles Munroe. Full of wisdom I recommend it if you are seeking your purpose, vision or you’re on the journey of self discovery or personal development. I’ve found it very useful whilst I am going along. The book is juicy!!! VISION.jpg

That’s all for now people, say motivated!

God bless!

See you next time.

Entreprenuership update #01

distributing your focus

Being passionate about something is a beautiful thing; whether that be yourself, your career, education, relationship or friendships. There is nothing wrong with feeling passion for a particular thing, and putting a great amount of focus in an aspect of your life, as it is these passions that make life exciting.

However, in these last few months, I realised that what is detrimental to your mental health is focusing on one thing alone and never/rarely taking your mind off of it. If your passion is always career or education driven, as a result your social relationships, relationship with God, relationship with yourself, creativity and so on, will eventually suffer and your mental health will become impacted by this. It might bring about materialism, where you feel like money and materialistic things are the key to happiness, and it will never feel like enough, leading you to continuously chase an infinite goal. You may also potentially start to feel lonely or isolated, and as though everyone is enjoying life without you. A lack of interaction with loved ones, can’t be good for anyone!

Whereas if you’re mostly focused about the social aspect of life, i.e. your friendships, making new friends, relationships, this can also become detrimental. Needless to say, the educational/career aspect of your life will suffer, and you may find yourself over-analysing your relationships with people. For example, if your closest friend begins to develop a close friendship with someone else, instead of feeling happy for them you may experience feelings of jealousy, because you have put so much focus and attention into that friendship. Or another example may be if your romantic partner is focused on their studies or career at the time and may be too busy to spend as much time with you as you’d like, you may feel neglected because the relationship is your main emotional investment. Feelings of resentment might come about, leading to over-thinking and insecurities; thoughts like ‘why am I not their main focus, like they are mine? They must not love me’ and so on.

Other things may be easy to place way too much focus on include social media, where you may always be thinking about your likes and followers etc., or perhaps the way you look, for instance if you’re trying to lose or gain weight, this may become all you think about throughout the day and you will feel frustrated if you’re not seeing results as soon as you’d like. There are actually a lot of things that are easy to become obsessed with, and pay way too much attention to, leading to negative feelings and the neglect of other aspects of your life.

If you can relate to some of the examples I gave, because I know I’ve definitely experienced some of these feelings at times, the best thing to do is distribute your focus. Of course, these things can remain important to you, but your mental health and happiness HAS to be the most important thing. So sometimes taking a break to do and think about something else, is well needed. Thinking about your weight goal all the time is not going to get you instant results, if anything it will just demotivate you and distress you. Staying up all night stressing about your studies will not get you better grades; taking breaks and taking time out to go to Church, go shopping, talk to a friend, will help you more as you will feel energised and ready to face your work rather than overly tired and frustrated because you have been behind a desk for two days straight.

I have come to learn that balancing your life and having a number of passions and interests, is the key. In other words, multiple sources of happiness. Dedicating your time and headspace to a number of things (not too many things), are what will get you the best results in every aspect of life, because obsessing is never healthy. Taking time out of doing one thing, will prepare you to give your all when it comes to doing the next thing. For instance, when I’ve just worked hard in the gym, I feel ready to face my books, and then I might have a nice phone call with a friend at the end of the day. If I was to spend my whole day doing only one of these things, I would get so sick of it and it would be counterproductive!

Some tips to distribute your focus could be to start a sport or a hobby, like the gym or a creative hobby like writing. You could also begin to read more, get in touch with family members or friends you don’t speak to often, go to Church more if you don’t already and work on your relationship with God, cook more often, volunteer once a week somewhere. There are so many things you could do if you feel like you want to get your mind off something (or you may not want to, but deep down you know it is the healthy thing to do).

Spending a lot of mental energy on only one particular thing can also be dangerous because naturally, things don’t always work out. Of course, if you work hard at something and try your best it is more likely to, but what is happening in your life right now may not be in God’s plan. A friendship, relationship or career may not be for you and if it isn’t, there is much better coming. However, how will you recognise when the next thing comes, if you are completely emotionally destroyed at the previous one not working, because of how invested you were in it? Distributing your focus creates multiple things that are able to make you happy, so that if something doesn’t go to plan, you still have sources of happiness which can help to heal you after experiencing a set-back. Having only one source of happiness is a dangerous game to play, as it may leave you broken if it doesn’t work out.

Humans have complex minds and we’re able to focus on so many things at once, so make sure you take advantage of this, whilst keeping it within reason so you’re not getting overwhelmed. It is important to reflect and use your own judgement on how you could improve; if all your attention is going towards one thing and you know it’s unhealthy, change that! If you feel like your mind is all over the place and overwhelmed with your 70 friendships, 3 jobs and 12 hobbies and it’s making you stressed, change that! It’s you who has the power over your own life.

distributing your focus


Hey people! I hope you are doing so well<3
In this post I’m going to be speaking on Entrepreneurship. (What a word). As this the route I’ve began taking myself!
As with many things I like to research and investigate before, forming my own conclusions about them, rather than to rely on one source for my understanding of a topic. I like to gather as much information first hand, so I can form my own opinion and maybe add/take away or tweak what I agree and disagree with, if I feel the need to. I think it’s easy to try and replicate how other people have done it or follow their formula… Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to learn from other people, but you are still your own person and you’ve got to do it your way. 

I hope you are with me so far!

Before I dropped out of university, I was studying Business and management which allowed me to study Entrepreneurship for one semester. (How convenient is that). Best believe those notes have come in handy! My desire to become an Entrepreneur has come about, as I have discovered my purpose and passion in this life (helping people with their mind/mental health). As result, I view Entrepreneurship as necessary for me to achieve my aims. I look forward to embarking on this journey of entrepreneurship and I hope to inspire and encourage you guys if you are on a similar journey!! Feel free to comment below what your dreams are!

Entrepreneur: a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Entrepreneurship is individual… and therefore it’s important to focus on your personal development (character) as you are the main person in charge.
Don’t get me wrong, ofcourse entrepreneurs can benefit from help and assistance from people, but there’s a certain level of independence they have in order to bring about their specific vision.
Because you are the pioneer of what you are seeking to bring about in your business/field. No matter how great your idea is, you as person, have to represent it and represent it well. E.g. Think about how many phone brands are out there… some of them you’ve probably never heard of! No shade to phone companies but the ones that are well known have a reputation because of the way it’s maker has presented it. So Gass it up!! Whether it be your work/invention/business… by this I mean, make us (the public) excited about it and hype it up. But do this intentionally, because if your truly passionate about what you’re doing it naturally shows. Also, I’ve quickly noticed that being an entrepreneur requires much strategising not just for the present moment but for the future! So consider journalling your entreperneuship journey so you can a keep track of your progress, (what went well and even better if…) and write down your plans for the future! Because essentialy, Entrepreneurship is creating the future.

I believe in God (Jesus) and that He created each person to be unique. And I believe that many entrepreneurs stand out because they have taken the courage to pursue their unique ideas or gifts, talents and innate abilities. Hence why they stand out from the crowd. Not necessarily because they have an entrepreneurship gene. But, because they’ve chosen to birth something new or different and new is always exciting! Entrepreneurship really takes bravery y’all!! So props to you for being courageous enough to simply, just go for it. And listen, even if other people are already doing what you do, you can still add your own twist to it! Their greatness is not the absence of yours. There’s room for you too! Let me give an example of the music industry, there are many singers/rappers doing their thing, but we don’t just listen to one artist, we appreciate the different styles that each one has to offer. So, think outside the box and make your target audience fall in love with your style and keep them involved and anticipating more every time!

As an entrepreneur you have to be ready to defend your ideas. People may ask why? your doing something a certain way, this is because their perspective is different as they don’t yet see the external fruition of your vision that is in your head. These type of questions, shouldn’t make you feel threatened, it’s easy to take questions as undermining, if you’re hoping that everyone will understand the vision straight away. But questions are opportunities to share your vision, to put what you see, into their mind since they can’t yet see it. When this happens be assertive don’t mumble your ideas speak which much zeal and confidence because your enthusiasm sets the tone for your idea!

My advice and encouragment:

If you’re reading this and you’re an entrepreneur or hope to become one… WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! This world has instilled in many of us, mindsets of hierarchy and competition, making us think that only some of us can make it. I’m telling you greatness is not saturated there is plenty of room for our ideas. God didn’t create half of us to excel and the other half to be mediocre. Let’s make it happen!

Entrepreneurship is form of contribution to this world. Entrepreneurs are world changers, because their work/idea adds something that wasn’t there before, which is change! Let’s not put world changing into a box where it looks one specific way. All of us have world changing within us. It’s all about having the audacity to do it …So, do you have audacity?

Don’t be passive, take full ownership of your goals and go ham! There’s no time to entertain limitations (life is short). Fight them off because you don’t have the time to be saying ‘what if’ this and ‘what if’ that for months before you finally DO IT. The key is to start, be willing to learn, and let mistakes serve you! They only teach you what not do and what to keep on doing.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. With sometimes, not so glamourous behind the scenes. You’re not the only one experiencing blues and loneliness. That’s how it can get here and there, because to an extent you’re doing it solo. But, there are aso many milestones, I urge you to celeberate, celeberate, celebrate!! and celebrate. Us humans are so hard on ourselves, we don’t always take time to be like “wow well done me!” You’ve already come so far, but sometimes we are so after the next succes we don’t savour what we have achieved in the present moment! (I’m guilty of this, hamster wheel mindset, I’m working on it tho.)

Get yourself together and…

then get to work.

Before you pursue entrepreneurship, change your world. Because, let’s be real the way most of us has grown up, we may have negative outlooks about this world or how we fit it into it. You’ve got to change your perspective so that you can maintain a positive outlook every season, because up and downs are forever coming, you cannot let them faze you! Are you guys still with me?

Mean it, whatever it is, do it for the right reasons otherwise you may possibly be doing it for selfish ambition. Remember one of my previous posts “J.Cole The disease of more”. We need to be careful not be driven by the wrong motives!

To do this role effectively you must but effective and to be effective you must be strong! This strength comes from challenges, that’s when we can prove our reslience. So, don’t be intimidated by challenging times, allow them to build your character and resilience, you’re way stronger than you realise. Begin to cut out all that is excessive and derocational stress, in order to be efficient because time is moving. You must deal with things that are bothering you now, so that you can run ahead without those burdens slowing you down or even draining your energy!

Decorational stress: lol, don’t google it, I’m just saying don’t stress about things for the sake of stressing, it’s pointless! Everything always works out. 

Take care of yourself! Yes, as in your body, entrepreunship isn’t just for one season, you won’t be at the beginning stage forever. In order to sustain your vision long term, remember to think long term about yourself. Look after you physical wellbeing and your mental wellbeing. Set yourself up to win.

Believe in what you do by yourself – I don’t mean block people out, I mean if even others don’t believe in it, believe for yourself anyway! So that you are unmoved by praise or no praise. Just keep going at it. Do you ever find yourself wondering what x y z think of what you’re doing and if they like it? …Well, you have to come to a place of solitude with your pursuit otherwise there will be that one person in your mind limiting your expression because you care too much what they think. When you birthing vision, you cannot seek others to validate it, as you are it’s parent.

“Some people will not see your vision in seed form deal with it.” – Something I heard at a workshop.

Go the extra mile! I literally mean, be extra, seek out opportunities and make them. Be bold enough to network, don’t wait for the other person to speak to you or discover you! Put yourself on the map! Share your ideas, and keep sharing them, never feel like you’re doing too much, otherwise you’ll start playing small. Take risks, and even if they don’t work out, take more and more.

Lastly, ENJOY IT, FULLY ENJOOOOOY the journey, although this is ‘business’ don’t take it too seriously! Have fun with it and remember to laugh and learn all the time because we are here to have joy on this earth.

“…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope it all goes well for you, my fellow Entrepreneurs!

I hope to update you guys on my journey, since I’m only getting started… I would love to hear your advice and learn from you too!





Hey people, in this post I’m going to talk about creating offline success, based upon the stage I am arriving at on my personal journey of life. I hope this may help any of you who are seeking to start a business, this post will be more helpful if you are focused on working offline. But, it can help those that are online based too, as the points are still applicable.

With technology and social media, there’s been a rise in people starting online businesses, monetizing their online activities, and building their name online, on their social networks.

Because online success is obvious, as in, it’s clear how someone’s business or brand is performing just by e.g. viewing how much followers or views their content receives, or how much attention their work is getting from other people. I’ll use YouTube as an example: on YouTube, people have subscribers and view counts on their videos. Let’s be real, the way most of us will perceive who is successful is based up on those numbers (the higher it is, the more successful). However, when it comes to offline success there is no ‘subscribe button’ and no view counts… So creating offline success is quite different and cannot be measured in the same way as you would online.

As you may know if you’ve read one of my previous posts titled “the evolution from personal growth to action”… I’m at a stage where I’m transitioning into taking action! My areas of interest, requires me to work and produce things mainly offline. And therefore, my emphasis is on creating offline success rather than online. Which I prefer, but don’t get me wrong I still go on online to share and post ideas and content, intentionally, such as this post or on other websites such as twitter.

How to create and indicate offline success?

The recognition that comes from being online e.g when someone has a big following, is what can validate success. So I’ve found myself in a pickle wondering, how can I measure my progression being offline based.

In relation to my field of interest… people individually, are my indication of success not really numbers if you get what I mean. My focus is to impact individuals (by helping them with their mental health or other ways such as motivational speaking), which requires me to interact with people on a personal or face to face level in a way which cannot be achieved via a screen. Therefore, the quality of my work and the measure of my success is on a moment to moment basis, of the people I meet and help and how they feel after. I have to continuously create rapport with every new person I meet. I cannot count on the success of one client/patient/customer to cover me for the next person. E.g. a new person that I meet will be a new relationship with someone who has no knowledge of how well I’ve performed with last person. And even my online accounts cannot cover or compensate for my offline work. So… 1) I need to have consistency in my character as I pursue these fields.

2) Profit

The amount of profit that I earn over a period of time, will also indicate how well I’m performing, and with the use of a balance sheets this numerical data will make things more visible and traceable. Which will help to recognise success and to strategically create more.

3) Networking

Building connections with individuals from different walks of life as well as those who are like-minded and share similar passions, interests and visions as me. Will definitely be beneficial, in terms of learning from others, getting insight, and support. As well as the potential to combine ideas or help one another solve problems. This will maximise success.

4) Building

When you reach the execution stage… Think of every positive action you make as a brick! And each time you do something you add another brick on top of the foundation, eventually the bricks will accumulate and your internal vision will become more visible externally! One illustration of this, is that… Every £1 is made up by 100 1p’s, Every £100 is made up by 100 £1’s The seemingly small 1p or £1 eventually add up to something big. In the same way, making consistent positive & good decision adds up to something greater, that you’ll thank yourself for later.

5) Influence

My last post is all about influence so feel read that for an in-depth explanation. But briefly, an increase in my sphere of influence, deriving from rapport, my idea(s), my reputation and leadership will indicate my success.

6) personal development

The consistent striving of growth in my skills and knowledge will maximise my effectiveness and value in my field.

7) Online

Although, my work will be offline, I can still utilise different websites, to network, connect and build rapport with people, to build a following, for advertising and exposure etc.

8) Change

By taking action, this will increase my productivity. And this should result in some sort of change in whatever context that I am working in! So, the more change (which should be positive) that I bring about is also an indicator of success.

Thank you for reading!! I hope this was helpful, if you have any tips and advice feel free to share in the comments, as I would love to receive advice and learn from you guys also!




Big is relative…

The aim is not to become big, but to make big changes. – Me

Following on from the last post about leadership, today I’m going to speaking about influence.

Influence: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself:

Influence is two-part, there is the influencer and the influenced.

How does influence work?

I’ve come up with 4 points or principles based upon my understanding and perspective through investigating and researching the subject of leadership and influence for myself.

  1. Rapport
  2. Idea(s)
  3. Reputation
  4. Leadership (action)

A brief explanation of each of the 4 points…

  • Rapport: a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well. I first heard this word from Tony Robbins… and I’ve discovered that having rapport with an individual creates trust, this enables both parties in the relationship to have a certain level of influence on each other as they have built rapport.


  • Ideas: Most of the ‘big names’ are big because of their idea, e.g. Apple – Steve Jobs, Virgin – Richard Branson etc. Their ideas are what people like not necessarily them as a person because the majority of their consumers do not know them on a personal level and may not even ever meet them in real life.


  • Reputation: is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. Reputation is the ‘name’ that you carry, the way that the general public will see you. E.g. I can imagine Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV has been referred to as ‘The SBTV guy’. But obviously there is far more to him than that, but he has a reputation that has derived from his idea.


  • Leadership (action): The things that you DO are what will bring about influence. Because, that’s when your ideas will come to life, and those who like will support it, and you may start to build rapport with these people. Eventually, your consistency with this idea will create a reputation of you, where in the eyes of the public you are ‘guru’ in your field.

The great part is that anyone can be influential! Once we find our purpose and passion, we can become great at it and help others by being intentionally influential. Influence is not a magical thing that only one person can have. Also, influence is gradual, meaning it’s not an overnight thing where we are this big person, but slowly with action we build momentum and the more results we produce the more influential we become.

Somebody else’s influence is not the absence of our own influence – Me.

Thank you for reading! I hope this post was helpful for you!



Leadership has taken on a variety of reputations over time. The personal traits and characteristics of previous leaders have creeped into our views of what leadership is (atleast it had in mine)

I’ve been taking time to assess my own perception of leadership and forming my own perception and perspective which may be of benefit to you.

I googled the definition of leadership which states that… Leadership is: the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this. I agree with this definition. And I highlighted the word action because, I see leadership more as the action that the individual who we deem as leader does rather than just their title of being a leader.

Let me explain further…

I think of leadership in the same way I view creativity. For example, creatives produce something, whether it’s music, dance, art, writing etc. when they produce their work that’s action. They don’t become their work, otherwise they would make the mistake of identifying themselves with it. In the same way leadership is the action of leading in hopes to produce an outcome, aim or change. Let me use a modern example: Barrack Obama… Obama was the president of the US. At that time we recognised him as ‘leader’ but now he’s no longer under the title of president. He is citizen of the US. Now the new president of the US, Donald Trump is the new ‘leader’. Both are very different in how they are ‘leading’ but even more their personality and character is completely different. It’s easy to connote leadership with the character/personality of leaders but clearly, it’s not because they’ve both had this title, but clearly they’re not the same in their appraoch.

So… The term ‘Leader’ is not quite black and white. There are people whom we assosciate with positive leadership such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln etc. And those we associate with negative leadership such as Stalin, Hitler, Mugabe. It’s likely that our perception of leadership has derived from the outcomes of some of these popular names. However, it’s important note that they are still just people. They weren’t a special breed of human that carried a leadership gene. The differences in each of these people’s outcomes in their ‘leadership’, suggests that leadership has more to do with their character rather than the action of leading.

Therefore I think, that the term leadership is universal in and of itself (and carries certain principles) minus people taking on that role. But the type of leadership is all about the person’s character who takes on that role of being a leader. E.g. Hitler and Martin luther king where both leaders on two opposite ends of the spectrum of good and bad leadership. So if there was a formula for leadership I believe it would be something like x person + leadership (universal) = outcome

What is leadership?

I’ve taken time to listen to various leaders take on leadership and observing other leaders to figure out what I understand leadership to be. I can agree with the common view that leadership is influence. To bring in the first part of this post (the forumla) with this definition is that. x person’s character will determine how people will be influenced under their leadership (the outcome).

Since leadership = influence: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

All of us have the ability to influence people. I believe we are all leaders (this is not to be cheesy) but each of us are an example to someone.

To see better leadership in the world, I think we must all focus on how we can be an example by living our best lives, and not complicate leadership and box into this one dramatic change. But, our lifestyle can be an inspiration and influence for others who can then be an inspiration to someone else and so on. This will ultimately bring about a better world where everyone can be a leader, not just one main person who everyone follows.

That’s all for now people!

I tried my best to artiulcate my views, I really hope I was able to make sense, if something didn’t feel free to let me know.

Tell me in the comments what you think leadership is, I would love to hear your take!


The evolution from personal growth to action…

Hey guys,

In this post I’m going to speaking on the evolution from personal growth to taking action!

Many people are embarking on journeys of personal development and improving themselves! Which is so great to see. I myself, have been taking time to work on myself, and still am everyday, since growth is constant. But, I’ve tried my best to become more intentional about this. I’ve noticed that, eventually your growth needs to be converted into action, otherwise you’re just growing but not really expressing or using those skills that you’ve been building within yourself!

So, I’ve titled this post the evolution from personal growth to action, because I feel that this is the stage that I’m beginning to transition into as individual. It’s easy to get comfortable ‘working on yourself’ because, there’s something comforting about staying behind the scenes (speaking for myself). I guess it’s because there’s not much risk element at this stage.

Action, Action, Action…

I’m learning that the action stage is so different in comparison to working solely on personal growth. Action is more about doing rather than, learning, which is what personal growth mostly entails. For me, I’ve quickly noticed that my personal growth is invisible and what I DO, is what will make it visible. Me simply knowing my abilities is not enough. By this, I mean people will not just automatically know or assume, my personal growth just by looking at me. So, even after working on yourself, you still have to PROVE yourself.

I like to think of how growth is a noun and action is a verb, to help me form a distinction between the two stages, and better perceive this evolution. But, don’t get me wrong, of course you will have personal growth even when your taking action towards your endeavours, goals and dreams.

Taking action intentionally is something new-ish to me… so I’m excited to learn and share as I go along!

That’s all for now! I hope to keep inspiring and encouraging you as I share my own experiences and what I’m learning.




The evolution from personal growth to action…

Mental health: Let’s starve the stigma

Hey people,

Today’s post is about Mental health!

Mental health problems are on the rise Globally, although this is a collective problem, it affects each person individually. Since, mental illnesses exist in the mind, it’s personal and not always detectable to those around us. It’s easy to think everyone is okay, because mental illnesses are silent and not always obvious just by looking at someone’s physical appearance.

Mental health problems are also not black and white, this is because each person has their own mind, which contains thoughts that are complex and connected to their own personal experiences.

Mental health awareness is increasing in the UK which is a positive thing! However, Globally there is still much stigmatisation and taboo surrounding mental health creating a barrier in people receiving appropriate care that they require. There are various regions in different continents where people are being left abandoned on the streets or chained up and secluded from society as they are regarded as degenerates and outcasts. This is totally unacceptable and a change is needed. This illtreatment is common in LDC’s. But, even in MDC’s including the UK, the stigma is still alive and active e.g. in some families or households, people cannot share or express their mental struggles due to the fact that different family members may hold mindsets and viewpoints that don’t allow for openess in this area. So people continue to suffer in silence.

Throughout history, the trending misconception about mental illnesses are that they are a result of evil spirits/demons. This is not the case. The brain itself is an organ and like any other organ in our bodies, it’s capable of becoming unwell. Hence, why we need to take care of our mental wellbeing. I believe that the reason for this myth is because, when the brain is not functioning as it should, this affects our behaviours, moods, and feelings… these affects are negative and in different cases the person suffering will display more abnormal or unusual symptoms that we haven’t been able to explain or understand. Therefore, in many cultures when looking back in history when people suffered with mental illness they were misunderstood as evil or possessed. This idea has been a trend that has caused stigmatisation to grow.

In the Bible, evil and demonic spirits are spoken of and are a reality in the spiritual realm. However, we cannot equate mental health problems to being of that nature, only because we don’t understand them. We should begin to look at mental health problems as genuine illnesses, similar to how we perceive other illnesses in our bodies. For example: let’s say someone has a toothache, flu or stomach pain we don’t start to think that they are evil or possessed, but we show concern, love and compassion towards their pain. We should also be considerate of people’s mental pain in the same way.

By changing our attitudes, we the people, can begin to starve the stigma!

Thank you for reading! I hope this post was helpful and enlightening.

Mental health: Let’s starve the stigma